Visiting China? Read brief travel information about the country.
Looking for ancient mysterious country? China can offer you beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes, long history and culture.
This country has been for several decades a major travel destination in the world. There is no other place with such an intense metaphysics and such a rich historical legacy. China is characterized as a country with strong links to its ancient civilization. Millions of visitors from all over the world are eager to see its lights like Yangtze River and Terra-Cota Warriors and Horses.
The Great Wall rises up beneath when flying into the capital of China - Beijing. It slithers on its way like a dragon along the tops of the mountains being one of well-known attractions of the country. Beijing is known as a tourist city for its various places of interest including mansions, royal gardens, temples, towers and palaces. The city, located in the Northeast corner of the country, is becoming very popular among tourists from all countries. Beijing accommodations are for all tastes: from comfortable villas in city’s outskirts to modern apartments-studios in the center.
Shanghai is another large metropolis and one of the most significant cities. It is located along the coast of the East China. It has a developed industry, commerce, tourism and all the other ingredients of a flourishing international city. Choosing Shanghai as a destination you can take advantage of rich variety of recreation facilities. It is a real paradise for gourmets. Over a thousand of restaurants serve cuisine from all over the world. There is a mix of architectural lines where you can enjoy the sights of modern skyscrapers or luxurious old style of traditional inns.
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