Visiting India? Read brief travel information about the country.
India constitutes the major portion of the Indian subcontinent. It’s northern and north-eastern states are partially situated in the Himalayan range, the west lies in the desert and the south is almost entirely a peninsula. This varied metaphysics influences strongly tropical in the South to more temperate in the Himalayan North climate, a key factor in deciding when to visit India. Generally India’s climate is defined by three seasons. The most pleasant one for traveling is during the cooler period: November to around the mid February. The ecosystems developed here are featured by Indomalaya ecozone. A part of India is stretched by tropical, coniferous and horn forests. This is the home of the Indian white-rumped vulture, Asiatic Lion and the Bengal tiger. A fascinating and rewarding experience can be the exploration of this land. We can help you in this respect providing the best available lodgings in India.
The capital of India is Delhi. Its grandeur is revealed by the icons of the past that are also an attraction for the tourists. You can enjoy the holiday renting a bed and breakfast room or a luxurious home in traditional style, the choice is yours. India lodging offers listed on our website can fit any taste.
Take advantage of different Indian cultures, beautiful panorama of Himalayas Mountains and exclusive glitter of Bollywood visiting India. A land with glorious history is Haryana which tourism highlights the famous battles of Panipat.
If your tour lies through the desert dunes then Rajasthan should be on your list of sightseeing. Its astounding legends still echoes from royal fort and palaces standing majestically on hilltops. The best for your stay in this region are rented guest houses or Indian villas.
India is a kaleidoscope of colors, a land of tranquility and peace. It is really worth to be explored.