Visiting Indonesia? Read brief travel information about the country.
Indonesia is located on about 17,507 islands scattered around the equator. The most visited islands are Java, Sumatra and Bali, shacked sometimes by earthquakes. Tropical monsoonal climate of Indonesia doesn't vary too much, during the year the average temperatures oscillate between 21° to 23° Celsius (69° to 92° Fahrenheit). Equatorial Indonesia has a high level of biodiversity supporting a mix of Asian and Australasian species. Indigenous fauna of the archipelago includes one-horned rhinoceros, komodo lizards and orangutan apes. A unique flora that was preserved due to islands separation from landmass is featured by orchids that actually appear in great abundance, and can range in size. All this is really worth to see on beautiful tropic islands of Indonesia.
Start your vacation in Jakarta the capital of Indonesia. The official currency of the country Indonesian rupiah can be spent in modern shops in antique boutiques, night life events or cultural tours to Jakarta museums.
A popular tourist spot in West Sumatra, the second largest island in Indonesia, is Bukittingi, the old fortress of Fort de Kock. An interesting island with Karonese settlement situated in the middle of Toba Lake, former volcanic crater has stilled wooden houses that haven’t changed their look for centuries. Another island is Sumatra, you can find comfortable beach villas in Sumatra on our website.
Great water sports surfing, diving can be enjoyed on Bali Island. White sand and stunning reefs complete the grandeur of mountains and active volcanoes. The most famous Bali beach is Kuta where are provided excellent conditions. The accommodations in Bali vary from bed and breakfasts to secluded beautiful hotels with overview to green terraced landscapes. Amazing Hindu culture can be discovered only in such a wonderful place. Splendid temples Ulu Watu, Rambut Slwi and Tanah Lot perched on cliffs over the sea are a special attraction for tourists.
Indonesia consists of a mix of beautiful scenery, fauna, flora and culture. It is a popular destination for tourists. They can enjoy comfortable lodgings that vary from luxurious fully catered ocean view bed and breakfast inns to romantic tropic hideaway villas.