Diversity, fusion, contrast - it is all Malaysia

A country of pure diversity, Malaysia is one of the favorite tourists’ destinations in the world. Multicultural heritage of the native Malays and the Indian and Chinese immigrants has formed a unique environment of peaceful attitude and colorful culture. As the descendants of the nations are coexisting, the processes of forming new customs are still underway.
Not only is the culture of Malaysia a distinctive feature of the country, but its geography is outstanding too. Two parts of the country which are separated by the South China Sea share almost similar landscape. Warm, sandy beaches and rich mangroves rise to the mountains and hills, often densely forested. All this makes accommodation in Malaysia very attractive because it provides you with a possibility to see any part of the country’s nature in any time of the year.
And before you start off, make sure you read the brief travel information which was carefully picked for you.
The equatorial sun of Malaysia makes it truly attractive for vacations all year long, but in the same time it is very strong. Along with warm and humid climate it guarantees the beaches to be simply wonderful places for relaxing. But be careful, because sunburns can be received if you will be too exposed to the sun. Also drink a lot of water to compensate your loss of salt and liquid. Do not let anything spoil your Malaysian holiday!
All the prices are displayed in ringgits – the currency of Malaysia. It may still be called ‘dollar’ sometimes, as it was done 35 years ago, but it is still a ringgit. Be confident that no one can claim dollars as a payment from you. And always be attentive, because a dollar can still mean a dollar in some places. Just trust your eyes and don’t let anyone lead you into misunderstanding. But also don’t expect everyone to be eager to trick you because people are usually friendly and open-hearted.
The capital of the nation, Kuala Lumpur, is a modern metropolis and a cultural centre of Malaysia. It serves as a gateway for almost all tourists who come to experience the exotic in various locations of the country. The old buildings and the modern ones form a unique look of the city. Even if you are unaccustomed to the East, it will not be a problem to socialize because the locals are quite helpful and will gladly fulfill your requests. The hospitality of the people is unmatched as well, just check our Kuala Lumpur vacation rentals section and see for yourself!
So if you are looking for a perfect place to spend your vacation, then consider Malaysia as #1 on your list! Being a land of contrasts, it will leave you pleasantly surprised, amazed and strongly wishing to come again. Oh, and the cuisine is just wonderful and exquisite, so both your body and soul will be completely satisfied!