Nepal - Himalayas and a lot more

The beautiful Nepal, the world’s recent state to become a republic, is a unique country by its location, culture and traditions. The only fact that there are eight of ten highest peaks of Earth in Parbat, the Mountain Region of Nepal, makes it an exceptionally attractive place to visit. The other outstanding information about the mountain system of the country is that over 240 crests which are over 6 096 meters, or 20 000 feet above the sea level, belong to it. So if you are a professional or amateur mountaineer, Nepal must be a place of worship to you. With our Nepal accommodation it will be easy to find a nice place to stay for conquering even the Everest! But be aware that climbing such extreme routes by yourself is very undesirable, so find a fine group of ramblers and surmount the impregnable heights!
Even if you are not keen on mountains, there is still a lot to see in Nepal. Be sure to read our travel tips for the country compiled for you.
The rich nature and the diversity of landscapes is the reason why so many tourists visit Nepal every year. And the best way to enjoy all of it is trekking. You can start in any region, whether Central or Eastern, and you are sure to experience the natural beauty of the country.
The capital of Nepal is Kathmandu, which is an extraordinary place for visitors. It is a starting point for many tours and trekking routes. And furthermore, it lies in the Kathmandu Valley, that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, and more than 130 monuments of architecture and culture are scattered throughout the valley. Among them are The Pashupatinath Temple, Swayambhunath, or Monkey temple, Kathmandu Durbar Square, to name only a few.
Nepal is one of the Asian countries which progressed rapidly during recent years. Large-scale political reforms which started in 1990 led to forming of a federal democratic republic in 2008. Nepal also voted for the abolishment of the death penalty within the country and the acceptance of the full rights of the LGBT individuals and same-sex marriages which is unprecedented for Asia.
If you wish to see the most mixed country of the Asian region, then Nepal is the place for you. Combining the spirituality and modesty of the East with the freedom and modernity of the West, it offers the most tempting allurenesses for any vacationer, no matter what the preferences are. And it is up to you to discover what is there for you in Nepal. It can be easily done with the variety of Nepal vacation rentals available on our website. Just check it and start your journey!