Vietnam - from royalty to socialism

One of the only five socialistic republics left nowadays in the world is Vietnam. Stretched greatly on the coast of the South China Sea, it is a home to many resorts and lovely beaches. In Vietnam you can find everything to escape from the routine and tension and make you feel at ease and fill you with fresh impressions as well. Nature has remained intact for ages and the ancient forests still can amaze you with their majesty. And the historic sites, which are the heritage of the Vietnam royal dynasties, are simply an astounding view. Just check if there are any Vietnam vacation rentals nearby your desirable vicinity and set forth for the adventures!
The country is gracious towards tourists, but it is worth to remember that there can be confusions anywhere, so pay attention to the travel advices which are given here.
The climate of Vietnam is much variegated, with the north being tropical, south enjoying the mildness and warmth of the subtropics and the center showing off with a wobbly weather. The northern mountains often get snowy and frosty, so if it is your foible, you should consider visiting this country. And the deserted red or white sand beaches, such as Bai Sao or Mui Ne, offer great swimming and kayaking.
Some simple behavior rules will help you be warmly greeted in any region of Vietnam. Always show respect towards the people and their cultural and historical values. Ask if it is ok to photograph anyone. Don’t be surprised or offended when you are asked about your personal life, it is normal in Vietnam. Be decently dressed, especially at religious sites, and do not swim or tan nude. And learning a couple of commonly used words in Vietnamese will make your stay in every area easier and more enjoyable.
Hanoi has been the capital of Vietnam for almost 1000 years. Though it has witnessed a lot of wars and occupations, it has retained its historical originality and incomparable atmosphere, which is enriched by French and Chinese infusions. Almost every street has preserved its name from the thirteenth century, when every guild owned one. The most outstanding sights of Hanoi are the Old Town, the French Quarter, the Temple of Literature, the One-Pillar Pagoda and many others. A variety of Hanoi vacation rentals makes it possible to stay as much as you need to observe every place of interest.
Vietnam has accumulated great legacy during its peace and struggle periods. Once you visit it, there will be no other similar trip in your life. Find top destinations in Vietnam for holiday packages and get great travel deals to Vietnam. Visit