Visiting French Polynesia? Read brief travel information about the country.
French Polynesia, located in southern Pacific Ocean, consists of several groups of islands. The largest and the most populated of them is Tahiti. All year around the temperatures register from 20°C to 30 °C. High humidity is freshened by sea breeze and it is never too stuffy. The best time to have a holiday in French Polynesia is during May to October, dry winter period on the islands.
The main religion of the country is Christian. 83% of the population are Polynesian, 12% are white.
Pacific Frank is the currency used in former French colonies. US$ 1 is equal to 97 Pacific Franc.
On the South side of Tahiti one can find an interesting combination of fish park –aquarium with shark-mouth entrance and glass walls where you can see myriads of marine animals living near Tahiti. This entertainment for the whole family is called Lagoonarium.
You can find numerous attractions in Huahine. There is a meeting house transformed in a small museum and cultural center. Fare Pote’E is home to several 16th century lakesides. Those eager to see a possible sacrificial shrine and a place of worship should visit Marae Anini. Maeva is formerly the royal headquarter of Huahine now best known for its numerous archeological artifacts. Fare area is also popular with surfers for great waves and large accessibility.
All over Tahiti you can find great beaches but Huahine white powder beaches will leave you breathless. Exclusive Huahine villas will assure a lifetime experience in comfortable resorts with overview of azure lagoons. You will find here also the best under water sites. If you don your scuba gear you can enjoy in sub-sea world rays, jack-fishes, tunas and neon-colored tropical fish.
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