Visiting Norfolk Island? Read brief travel information about the country.
Kaleidoscopic coral reefs filled with colorful fish and the planet’s tallest tree ferns are the overwhelming scenery of Norfolk Island. Norfolk Islands are located between Australia, New Caledonia and New Zealand. The islands have volcanic origins where predominate rolling plains bounded at the coastline by cliff faces. Subtropical mild climate has little seasonal differentiation.
The predominant religion is Protestant Christian. Most Islanders are of Caucasian ancestry.
Australian dollar is the official currency on the island. US$ 1 is equivalent to 1,27 Australian dollars.
Natural beauty and first class sporting facilities can be enjoyed during you vacation on Norfolk Island. About one third of the Island is devoted to national parks and reserves which include numerous sign posted on walking trails with splendid views.
Norfolk Island has plenty of availabilities, it is keen to welcome everyone from singles to families, seniors and boomers. You can take tours to historic attractions visit museums, gather up all sorts of tax free shopping bargains and immerse yourself in the island’s numerous annual events and festivals. Experience the harmony and peace of Camelot Gardens designed to inspire you. Delightful grounds of the Government House and rugged coastline sandwich the golf course.
Very popular on the Island are water sports. Emily Bay is protected by small coral reef being a wonderful and the safest swimming beach in the World. Scuba divers can watch plentiful sketches of underwater marine life. Waters surrounding Norfolk Island host trumpeter, tuna, kingfish and many other species including game fish. Norfolk Island is undoubtedly Oceania’s best kept secret. Come for a holiday to find a part of yourself.