Visiting Aruba? Read brief travel information about the country.
Aruba is among the most southern of Lesser Antilles islands. It lies at a distance of 15 miles from the coast of Venezuela. Heavy surf and jagged coast occupies the northern side when honey-colored sand beaches stretch at its southern leeward coast. The whole island has about 75 square miles (193m2). Aruba is an easy island to get around as the coast is never more then 3 miles away. The temperatures are consistently mild about 28°C. There is no wrong time to visit Aruba. January, February and March are the most popular months to spend the holiday there. The island lies completely outside the hurricane belt. 25% of the island belongs to Arikok National Park where you can see a great variety of plants and animals like divi-divi and kiwi trees, rare and exotic cacti, tropical flowers, aloe, birds and iguanas.
The official currency of Aruba is the Arabian Florin. US$1= 1,79 florin
The majority of the population is descended from Arawak, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and a few French, British and African ancestors. Another substantial immigration to the island was registered recently from neighboring American and Caribbean nations, attracted by the lure of well-paying jobs.
Aruba is sought after destination for about one million visitors who look for quite and smooth beaches, first class resorts, gambling casinos and shopping.
Oranjestad the capital city located in the Southern coast is a picturesque place. Its pastel colors are preserved by Dutch colonial architecture. Downtown area of the city is full of shopping malls that attract customers from the whole island. Lodging offers in Oranjestad can be easily find on our website.
Those who like to wander by themselves without guides should choose Bushiribana Ruins. It is the remains of gold smelter that produced during its 90 years of activity about three millions pounds of gold.
Visiting California Lighthouse you can remember the sad story of a shipwreck. It was named after a ship that received distress signals from the Titanic when it went down the icy waters in 1912.
An interesting restaurant specialized in continental cuisine you can find in De Oude Molen / Windmill. It was built firstly in Holland and then shipped to Aruba.
There is worth visiting also the following destinations Quadiriki Caves, Natural Pool, Fort Zoutman and Willem III Tower.