Bahamas vacation rentals

The Bahamas is an English speaking country which is made up of around 700 islands and cays located in the Atlantic Ocean. The largest city and the capital of the Bahamas is Nassau. The population of Nassau is over 200 thousand residents, which makes up for 70% of the Bahamas entire population. Visitors to any of the Bahamas islands can enjoy amazing culture, beautiful beaches and fun activates which has made the Bahamas one of the most desired vacation destinations in the whole world, many people opt for the freedom of Bahamas beach villas and Bahamas vacation home rental.

Grand Bahama is the fourth largest island but is one of the most popular and most visited destinations in the Bahamas. Tourism is a major contributor to the local economy especially via visiting cruise ships to the main port. Grand Bahama is lucky enough to own some of the most pristine beaches in the world with famous crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, perfect for all sun worshipers looking to relax in front of the calming waves. For activity hunters, there are numerous water sports available in the resorts and popular scuba diving or snorkeling experiences to take part in. Grand Bahama beach villas are very popular and increasingly in demand so it is essential to get your booking in early to enjoy the perfect accommodation with some of the best views on the island.

The island of Eleuthera is also very popular, from the air it looks simply stunning thanks to its long and thin structure embedded in the stunning turquoise sea. It is very popular with nature and history lovers, some of the island’s most popular attractions centre around those niches. Eleuthera villa accommodations are beautiful with great views across the ocean.

Many people discount the Bahamas as a vacation destination as they perceive it to be too expensive and only a place for the rich and famous; however this isn’t the case as it becomes more accessible to everyone and offer tourists attractions to people of all ages and tastes. Bahamas vacation home rentals are also becoming more common and therefore are available for all budgets due to the selection. So why not take the trip of a lifetime and experience true paradise on one of the islands in the Bahamas.