Barbados holiday rentals

The colorful island of Barbados is an independent island nation situated in the western Atlantic Ocean, just to the east of the Caribbean Sea. Its capital is Bridgetown and the population for the whole island is under 300 thousand residents. The islands currency is the Barbados Dollar. Barbados was under the rule of Great Britain until its independence in 1966; British influences still dominate some areas of the island. Barbados is very well known for its modern infrastructure and world class accommodations where tourists can stay at hotels or some luxurious Barbados vacation home rental. Whilst visiting Barbados, tourists can expect the weather to be sunny all year round; with average temperatures in the summer reaching around 85 degrees Fahrenheit, but the north-easterly winds gives a nice breeze so it does not become unbearably hot, although it’s still a haven for sun worshipers looking to catch a tan on some of the golden sandy beaches.

Bridgetown is the capital city of Barbados; it is also the largest city on the island. Tourists can enjoy some of the extensive shopping districts and endless days of sightseeing with attractions such as the harbor, the Nelson Statue, Nation Heroes Square and the Parliament Buildings of Barbados, there are many Barbados apartment rentals and Bridgetown villa accommodations throughout the city to allow tourists to make the most of their stay on the island.

Another very popular tourist destination in Barbados is the parish of Saint James, the area is well known for being the home to many of the worlds rich and famous, and it is also very popular with tourists looking for the ultimate beach and sun bathing vacation. Its glitzy image has earned the area the nickname of ‘The Platinum Cost’; around 18 billionaires have homes in the Saint James area. For everyday tourists however you don’t have to be a billionaire to stay here, there are many Saint James villa accommodations and Saint James vacation home rental opportunities throughout the area.

Barbados is widely regarded as a dream holiday destination; visitors can relax on some of the world famous beaches, enjoy a day out hiring your own boat to set sail through the pristine waters surrounding the island or enjoy scuba diving to experience some of the colorful underwater world and wildlife.