Dominican Republic holiday rentals

The Dominican Republic is famed for its white sandy beaches, impressive mountain ranges, stunning rivers and waterfalls. The Dominican Republic is a nation located in the Caribbean and makes up half of the island of Hispaniola; the other part is occupied by Haiti. Since its independence from Spain, the Dominican Republic endured much political turmoil, but since the death of the former dictator Rafael Molina in 1961, the country has prospered and is now a very desirable vacation destination for people all around the world. The Dominican Republic enjoys a tropical climate, with temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius in the high season, although during hurricane season of between June and November it can be very wet. The official language of the country is Spanish and their currency is the Dominican Peso, the population of the entire country is around 8.8 million. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the nation every year with Dominican Republic vacation home rental a very important aspect of the local tourism industry.

The capital Santa Domingo has just over 2 million residents and is an amazing destination for tourists looking for Santa Domingo apartment rentals and villa accommodations. The City is steeped in history and has some famous landmarks which are ready to explore, such as Catedral Santa Maria Le Manor which was the first cathedral in America. There are also numerous museums, parks, recreational areas and tourist hotspots such as shopping districts, all with good transport links around the city.

Another beautiful part of Dominican Republic is the small town of Sosua which has only around 10 thousand residents. It is popular with holiday goers because of the stunning beaches the town has to offer, the Sosua beach villa rental properties are a particular highlight in terms of accommodation. It is also a fantastic location for water sports and snorkeling to explore the underwater world and creatures around the beaches in Sosua.

San Felipe de Puerto Plata, or Puerto Plata as it is most commonly known is another tourist hotspot, this beautiful port city has numerous architectural and historical sights, whilst keeping the interest of sun worshipers with beautiful beaches. There are numerous Puerto Plata holiday villa opportunities throughout the city so vacationers can get the most out of their visit to Puerto Plata.

The Dominican Republic has something for everyone, whether you interests may lie in shopping, sun bathing, and sight seeing or water sports, the Dominican Republic has it all.