Eager to visit one of the world's breeziest places then St. Lucia is the right destination... Besides this it is a beautiful volcanic island with lush rainforests, unspoilt beaches and undulating agricultural land.
St. Lucia is an island nation in the eastern Caribbean Sea located on the boundary of the Atlantic Ocean. It is also known as an island switched between British and French control likened to the mythical Helen of Troy. Volcano island of St. Lucia is the most mountainous of Caribbean islands with rich tropical vegetation. A great variety of plant and animal life is located on quite a small surface 43 km (27 miles) by 23 km (14 miles). The wild rainforests are full of tropical flowers. The <em>agouti </em>and the <em>manicou</em>, two rodents, are commonly met throughout the island. Another, though more elusive, inhabitant of the deep interior rain forest is Amazona versicolor parrot.
The island has a tropical climate moderated by Northeast trade winds. Dry season starts on January to April and rainy one from May to November.
The official currency is the East Caribbean dollar equal to 0,38 USD.
African descendants predominate among St. Lucia's inhabitants. The majority of the population is Roman Catholics 68%.
The main reason for the existence of the town of Castries, capital of St Lucia, is as a port of call for hundreds of cruise ships that dock in the deep harbour every year. Visitors who linger find the town has a certain charm surrounded by hills, although little to offer in the way of sightseeing or architectural heritage. Many of old buildings have been destroyed by numerous fires. This is the place for snorkeling, diving, sailing, hiking and after your day worked out you can relax in a spa. For a perfect vacation you should choose the best Castries accommodation offered by The city serves a good basis for island exploration. Choose this destination and save renting directly from owner/ manager on