St. Martin vacation

St Martin is a tropical island located in the Caribbean around 300km to the east of Puerto Rico. The country is split into two; the northern part is called the Collectivity of St. Martin and is owned by France. The southern part is called the Island area of St. Martin and is owned by the Dutch, this agreement between the two nations was drawn up on the 23rd of March, 1648. Both halves of St. Martin offer different and unique experiences which has pleased tourists greatly for years, luxury hotels and St. Martin beach villas are very popular with people vacationing on the island

The Dutch side, sometimes know as Sint Maarten is famous for its white sandy peaches, pristine waters and beautiful surrounding woodlands. Whilst staying in St. Martin holiday villa rentals, tourists are free to enjoy the famous festive nightlife and casinos. The sector is also famous for its jewelery, exotic drinks and perfect beaches. The French side of the island is better known for its nude beaches, clothes, shopping and some of the authentic French and Caribbean cuisine. Both halves of the island share a common trait, the accommodations available are truly world class, tourists can stay at a luxury St. Martin beach villa overlooking the stunning scenery which other countries would have difficulty in matching.

A popular destination for tourists on the Dutch side is Dawn Beach, it boast a world class beach dominated by white, powdery sand crystal clear waters only seen in some people’s dreams. As the name suggests, people can experience some breathtaking sunrises and see St. Barths in the distance. One would be truly lucky to obtain a Dawn Beach holiday home rental overlooking the amazing scenery for the perfect vacation.

The capital of the French side is the beautiful town of Marigot, it is an old fishing town with nearly 6 thousand inhabitants offering a unique cultural experience and exciting activates for the whole family whatever their interests. Marigot vacation home rentals are available throughout the year, in particular in high season.

It is advised to visit both halves of St. Martin as they both offer unique experiences and cultural attractions which are guaranteed to excite people from all forms of life around the world, both sides can cater for relaxation and sunbathing holidays, whilst offering fun filled activities such as diving, snorkeling and wind surfing in an average temperature of 82-84 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.