St Vincent & the Grenadines... ...make up a part of the Windward Islands. St Vincent is covered as well as St. Lucia with volcanic mountains reach in vegetation and black sand beaches. The Grenadines like all Windward is a luxurious destination.
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is an island nation in the Lesser Antilles chain from the Caribbean Sea. It stretches on 389 km2 . The Island of Saint Vincent together with a chain of small islands and two thirds of northern Grenadines constitute the islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
The climate like in the whole Windward is tropical, with trade winds tempering the hottest months, June and July.
The local population is prevalently of African slaves descendants when the minority is of English colonists and Portuguese emigrants.
The official currency is the East Caribbean dollar equal to 0,38 USD.
A proper destination for nature lovers is St. Vincent a luxurious volcanic island with valleys, waterfalls and mountain ridges. Kingstown can offer you a nice view of cultural and historic monuments: an amazing mixture of styles in Mary's Catholic Cathedral, Fort Charlotte built in 1806 and stained glass of George's Anglican Cathedral. A favorite stop both for locals and visitors is the Botanical garden the oldest in the Western Hampshire. In order to assure a wonderful vacation you should choose the best St. Vincent and the Grenadines holiday accommodation listed on
The largest of Grenadines's islands is Bequia where life is oriented completely to the sea. Good opportunities for swimming and water sports you can find in Lower bay. The island's natural harbour, Admiralty Bay is visited by yachtsmen from all over the world, the travelers can watch here on the shore manual building of boats.
You shouldn't miss this fascinating destination. Bequia good accommodation and self catering will make your holiday a lifetime experience.
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