Trinidad and Tobago vacation destinations

Trinidad and Tobago is located in the southern Caribbean and shares ocean boundaries with Barbados and Guyana. As the name suggests, Trinidad and Tobago comprises of two main islands which are Trinidad and Tobago, including a number of other smaller islands. The islands have a total population of just over 1.3 million residents and its capital is Port of Spain. Trinidad and Tobago vacation home rentals are very popular and important to the local economy.

Trinidad is the largest and most populated of the two main islands and has an areas size of 4,769 square kilometers. It is also a large producer of oil and natural gas. The capital, Port of Spain offers people the chance to experience a different and colorful culture and enjoy sporting activities throughout the city; Port of Spain also has a very lively nightlife. Port of Spain apartment rentals are very popular with modern day tourists. Arima is another tourist attraction in Trinidad, famous for its wildlife and hiking routes with freshwater pools available to break up the sweat. Staying in Arima bed and breakfast accommodations will keep you in touch with the local community and give you a chance to experience the beauty of the area.

The largest town in Tobago is Scarborough with a population of around 17 thousand. Visitors to the town can enjoy the historic For King George which dominates the local landscape and architecture, there are also nearby beaches which can be enjoyed by sun worshipers of the Caribbean weather. Scarborough apartment rentals, Scarborough holiday villa rentals and bed and breakfast accommodations are also abundantly available in the local area to make your stay as pleasant as possible. One of the best beaches on the island is located near to Scarborough in the town of Bacolet where tourists can enjoy pristine beaches with Bacolet Point beach villa rentals also available

A vacation to Trinidad and Tobago can spring up a few surprises especially regarding the history and culture which is prominent throughout both of the largest islands. Sun worshipers can also find some amazing beaches purely for relaxing and catching a tan winding the day away. The Caribbean weather is very hot during the summer months which do lure tourists from all over the world. The cricket is also a big motivation to visit Trinidad and Tobago, where fans can watch the West Indies then relax in their very own Trinidad and Tobago vacation home rental property in order to be ready for another day of exploration in the morning