Looking for astonishing sites such as volcanic peaks, subtropical forests and ancient, sulphurous lakes or traces of Maya culture? Guatemala can offer you all this.
Guatemala is located in the Central America. It shares its borders with El Salvador and Honduras to southeast, Mexico to the north and west, Belize and the Caribbean to the northeast and the Pacific Ocean to the south. The terrain is predominantly mountainous and heavily forested except for the south coastal area and the northern vast lowlands of Peten department. Several volcanoes, among which are three active, lie in the southern highlands. Beautiful scenery can be seen at Lake Atitlán, ringed by volcanoes the outlet of a western basin.
The journey to Guatemala is possible all year around. Rainy season lasts from May to November. Hot and tropical climate with maximum rainfall between May to September is in the north. Dry and hot weather with temperatures averaging 68°F (20°C) characterises costal regions and northeast. The highlands, including Guatemala City and Antigua, have a pleasant climate with less rainfall than the coast, and cold temperatures at night.
Guatemala has around 21 different ethnic groups. Ladinos are 60% of Guatemalan population and Amerindians form the rest.
1 US Dollar = 7.79 Guatemalan Quetzal
Guatemala tourists come here for its intriguing mix of lush tropical rainforest, varied landscape and Mayan archaeological sites. Its Caribbean and Pacific coastlines offer good fishing, swimming and boating opportunities. National parks protect unspoiled forests, spectacular waterfalls and underground caves alike in Verapaz region. A very attractive site for the tourists is the former colonial capital- Antigua Guatemala. It is saturated with the ruins of old convents and churches and surrounded by majestic volcanoes – some still active –good for hiking and climbing. Despite the damage of countless earthquakes, floods and fires, Antigua is a beautiful place of multi-coloured, single-story buildings, tropical gardens, plazas, fountains and cobbled streets. Antigua rental accommodation is a good option for a perfect vacation. Coffee Museum and Music Museum can be found outside the city. Nearby volcanoes offer incomparable views of the city and surrounding countryside.
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