Panama - exotic country...
Panama is an exotic country which name means abundance of fish and butterflies. It is also known as “The Bridge of the World” for connecting North and South America.
Panama is located in Central America bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, between Colombia and Costa Rica. The country forms an S-shaped isthmus which is 60 to 177km (37 to 110 miles) wide and runs east–west over a total length of 772km (480 miles). The terrain is mountainous with lowlands on both coastlines cut by streams, wooded slopes and a wide area of savannah-covered plains and rolling hills called El Interiorsituated between the Azuero peninsula and the Central Mountains. The Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean are linked by the man-made Panama Canal, which length is often referred to as 80km (50 miles) as this is the distance between deep-water points of entry.
The climate is hot throughout the year. The temperatures decrease at high altitudes. May to November is the wet period. The rainfalls from the Pacific as well as the Caribbean coasts are twice heavier.
The majority of the population consists of Mestizo- mixed Amerindian, African, Spanish and Chinese descent. 80% of Panama's population is Roman Catholic, recognized by the Constitution as predominant denomination though the country has no official religion.
1 US Dollar = 1.01888 Panamanian Balboa
Panama City the capital of the country is a curious blend of the bazaar atmosphere of the East, old Spain and modern America. The most interesting sites are to be found in the narrow streets of the old part of the city. These include the Plaza de Francia, the Court of Justice Building, the Paseo de las Bóvedas. The Museum of the Panamanian Man is a sought after destination for the visitors of the capital. Panama Viejo and its ruins including the square tower of the old cathedral are located 6km (4 miles) away. Panama City rentals are comfortable and affordable for each tourist coming to discover its diversity.
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