Buenviaje Hostel

3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 12 Sleeps
B&B - inn

20 - 25* *USD Per night



2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 5 Sleeps
Villa - house

15 - 25* *USD Per night


Cuba holiday destinations

Cuba is made up of the main island and several other smaller islands in close vicinity in the Northern Caribbean. Cuba is the largest and most populous island in the Caribbean with a national population of around eleven million people. Cuba has changed dramatically since its strict times involving certain dictatorships, now Cuba has opened its doors to allow a large influx of tourism which has brought much more custom and wealth to the previously poorer areas of the island. Cuba’s capital and its largest city is Havana and its currency is the Cuban Peso.

Havana has a lot to offer tourists; the architecture in particular is an attraction which has developed over five centuries of various influences including quaint cobbled streets, palm trees and buildings of particular grandeur. Verdant Vedado is a great place to visit whilst vacationing in Havana thanks to its laid back neighborhood, cultural diversions and shopping districts, bars and restaurants. Many hotels and Havana apartment rentals are available throughout the city to cater for you’re every needs. There are many world heritage sites in the country, including the natural harbor which dominates the opening to the old town of Habana Vieja. The city offers an invaluable opportunity to learn about the varied and checked history and culture of Cuba and the historical figures which once dominated the country.

Another popular tourist destination is Cuba is the city of Camaguey. Attempt to navigate your way around the confusing streets and get lost in the culture and winding streets throughout the historic city. A visit to the Plaza San Juan de Dios is a must, the national monument and square is still in the same design as it was firstly planned in 1732, around the square there are grand buildings such as churches and the city’s hospital. Staying in the city is not a problem there are many Camaguey bed and breakfast accommodations and Camaguey apartment rentals available throughout the region.

Cuba may not be first on your vacation list, but its culture, architecture and historical nature should make it a fantastic place to visit for people of all interests and background.