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Albania - the heart of the Mediterranean

Though Albania is one of the smallest countries in Europe, nevertheless it is an active participant of many of the European organizations. Its economy is quickly growing, and the country has all chances to become a member of the European Union in the near future. But that is not the main fact which makes it an especially attractive place to visit. Situated in the centre of Mediterranean region, washed by Ionian and Adriatic seas, still partly untouched by globalization, Albania is a result of the exciting fusion of the ancient European civilizations and cultures. Very few countries can boast such uniqueness, and it can be understood why it is considered one of the world’s most interesting getaways.
You will get much more enjoyment from your Albanian trip if you spend just about ten minutes reading the information we selected about the country.
The unbelievable hospitality of the people descends from the traditions of courtesy dating as far as 15th century, and in some ways even earlier. A guest is shown the highest respect; he is seated at the head of the table. If you are lucky enough to be invited to the Albanian house, you will be treated with warmth and generosity. And there is a high chance of it with rental property in Albania provided by our website. Being truly friendly and helpful towards the foreigners who visit their country, the Albanians do have a custom, unusual for the rest of the world – they shake their head if they mean “yes”, and nod it to say “no”. That is nearly the main thing to be remembered while staying in this country.
The sea coasts of Albania are also one of the reasons of the country’s great popularity. Ionian and Adriatic shorelines both have their distinctive features. Since there are few river deltas at the former, the coastline is rocky there, and the waves can be up to 4 meters. The latter starts from the delta of Buna River, and the combination of the deltas of the largest rivers makes its waters shallow. The Adriatic coast provides a great opportunity for nature lovers and eco-tourists, while the Ionian shore will surprise you with small beaches and secluded bays, often being hard to reach.
Gjirokaster, the Town of a Thousand Steps, is a well-preserved medieval town, included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. It is situated in the valley between the Gjere Mountains and the Drino River. Since it lies close to the border, it was also an important outpost, which witnessed many historical events. Once it even was a capital of the short lived Autonomous Republic of Northern Epirus. The town itself is a museum, and the landmarks can be seen on every street.
Nobody can stay insensitive to Albania after visiting it. The people, the history, the small towns – all of it catches your eye and your heart right from the beginning of your journey!