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Estonia is an unspoilt country nearly half of which is covered with forests. Its cultural heritage will astonish you through the site of medieval castles and pagan ruins, elegant and whimsical Art Nouveau buildings, grand old baroque buildings.
Estonia is a country located in northern Europe. It has land borders with Latvia to the south and Russia to the east. Baltic Sea is washing its coastline to the north and west. The scenic beauty of Estonia consists of numerous lakes, islands and forests.
Temperate climate is characteristic to Estonia with warm summers about 70°F (30°C) and sever winters ranging to an average temperature of 18°F (-8°C) that doesn't mean constant snow. The country is subjected to sea breezes and humidity. Summertime brings unexpected rain showers.
Estonians as an ethnic group comprise 68, 56% of the population, the largest ethnic group following it is Russians 25,67%.
According to the last pool conducted by Eurostat 54% of Estonians believe in some sort of spirit or life force, 16% believe in God and the rest are atheists.
The official currency in the country is Estonian Krone. 1 USD= 11,76 Estonian Kron
Delighted visitors of all ages are looking in Estonia for the one of the most completely preserved medieval cities in Europe on the seacoast. Choosing Tallinn rentals will be the best way to experience a sense of romantic history. Tallinn's historic center, its winded and cobbled streets is the hub for major tourist attractions. Polar bears and Siberian Tigers as well as species from warmer regions are hosted by Tallinn Zoo. Tallinn's magnificent Botanical Garden stretches on a surface of 110 hectares and displays more than 8,000 plant species. On a picturesque expanse of forest parkland on Kopli Bay is preserved a collection of historic Estonian buildings, brought from around the country to reflect rural life through the centuries. Exhibits consist of various farm buildings, windmills, watermills and other country clutter offering pleasant and informative escape from the hubbub of the nearby city.
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