Holidays Rental in Hamburg

3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 8 Sleeps
Villa - house

75 - 165* *EUR Per night


Germany vacation rentals

Since Word War 2, Germany has experienced steady growth in its tourism industry every year, most people see Germany as an ideal location to learn about its dramatic past, unique culture and European history. All of its 82 million residents live in a large area of around 350 thousand square kilometers. The country’s capital is Berlin, and the metro vicinity is home to around 5 million people. Berlin itself is a popular tourist destination thanks to the numerous cultural and architectural attractions which include galleries, museums, monuments and historical sites. Germany bed and breakfast properties and Germany apartment rentals are a very popular way of seeing the country in modern day Germany.

Bavaria is a state popular with tourists as it contains amazing cities like Munich. If you require a break in the countryside however, the municipality of Berchtesgaden could be for you. Take a hike on Mount Watzmann or try your hand at rock climbing in the area. You can also visit the deep glacial lake of Konigssee. Some of the scenery around this area is breathtaking and a far cry from the busy and noisy cities of Berlin and Munich. Berchtesgaden bed and breakfast accommodations can make you feel home whilst relaxing from a hard day of activities and sight seeing. Another beautiful area is Baiersbronn where people can travel through the local quaint villages and explore the famous Black Forrest; the area is also home to a couple of word class Michelin star restaurants, Baiersbronn apartment rentals are one of the best ways to visit this area. If you are looking for somewhere really cheap to sleep here is a good list of cheap Berlin hotels.

If you are a fan of roman architecture, then you may want to visit the municipality of Sinzig and the statue of Frederic I Barbarossa. The castle is also a magnificent sight. Sinzig bed and breakfast accommodations are in abundance.

Germany offers a great range of experiences, from the thriving cities of Berlin Munich and Berlin crammed with culture, history and attractions, to quiet yet exiting areas such as Berchtesgaden where one can enjoy getting in touch with nature and endure unique activities such as rock climbing and kayaking.