Holiday house Varga

3 Bedrooms, 1 Bathrooms, 8 Sleeps
Villa - house

40 - 100* *EUR Per night


Gabi villa

4 Bedrooms, 1 Bathrooms, 9 Sleeps
Villa - house

96 - 130* *EUR Per night


Hungary vacation rentals

Hungry has become a very popular tourist destination with people traveling in their millions from other European countries. Over ten million people call Hungary home and live on a territory which spans around 93 thousand square kilometers. In 2006, it was one of the 15 most popular tourist destinations in the whole world. People are attracted by the country’s unique culture, friendly people, architecture and other tourist attractions.

Budapest is one of the main reasons for Hungary being so popular with foreign visitors, most of these visitors vacation in the country’s capital Budapest which is home to nearly 2 million people, which is increasing year upon year. Budapest has many stunning attractions including the Buda Castle, the Hungarian National Gallery, Matthais Church, Parliament Building and the City Park. There are also many more museums, opera houses, galleries, cultural and architectural attractions. Staying in a Budapest apartment rental is a perfect way to see the city and get the most of your visit to this amazing central European City. If that wasn’t enough already, Budapest is lucky enough to possess around 1300 thermal springs which have been extensively used for cleansing for around 2000 years. The springs are also used to relax the whole body and mind, heal aches and pains. Some of these existing springs and baths in the city have existed since Roman or Turkish times, but some are more modern structures. All of this is perfect for a relaxing weekend with a Budapest apartment rental. Another tourist attraction in Budapest is the mysterious caves which run through the city and its surrounding area, there is thought to be around 200 of these caves known today. These caves were most likely formed by the thermal waters rising from underneath the ground.

Budapest isn’t the only place to visit in Hungary, there are some beautiful locations throughout the country, such as Lake Balaton which has the largest freshwater lake in central Europe. Hungary is full of stunning landscapes, mountainous regions and beautiful little villages. Tourists can find many sporting activities and hiking to do on these more rural destinations.

Budapest is however the most popular destination in Hungary in terms of tourism, and when you see what it has to offer there is no wonder. It can offer the perfect vacation or weekend for relaxation, sight seeing, shopping and walking, all within a short distance from a well furbished Budapest apartment rental.