Visiting Iceland? Read brief travel information about the country
Where can be found wild, colorful and rugged landscape, rivers, waterfalls and green valleys close to the Arctic Circle? Iceland is reach in all these ready to impress you with bays and fjords. offers you the best available Iceland rentals for the holiday of your dreams.
Iceland is located in north Atlantic Sea including several islands. The highland plateau of the Island is beautiful but is a cold and uninhabitable combination of sands and mountains. It is one of the most volcanically active countries in the world. Hekla located in the south of Iceland, is a widely known volcano. It has erupted no fewer than 16 times since Iceland was settled.
The climate of Iceland can be characterized as cold oceanic. The winters are mild and windy reaching 31°F (-0.5°C), while the summers are damp and cool with average temperatures 41°F (5°C) - 77°F (25°C). Coastal areas tend to experience winter gales and are generally windy. Beautiful atmospheric wonder are The Northern Lights often visible in autumn and early winter.
The population of Iceland isn't varied consisting mainly from citizens who have Celtic and Nordic origin. They are free to choose any religion though according to the data 82,1% of islanders belong to National Church of Island, a Lutheran body.
Icelandic Krona is the official currency of the country. 1 USD = 61,15 ISK
Along long summer nights the capital of the Iceland Reykjavik is definitely a hot spot, renowned for its lively pubs and clubs and novelty of bathing in a steamy public geothermal swimming baths. Relaxed peace life, cultural
attractions, Reykjavik rentals, offer countless opportunities of fascinating day trips.
Choosing Hafnarfjördur accommodation you will be far enough away from the hustle and bustle of Reykjavík getting rest and rejuvenating in its beautiful natural setting enjoying: the Hellisgerði public garden, ingeniously made among natural lava formations, the Kapelluhraun lava field the remains of an ancient chapel built of lava rock, Hafnarfjörður Harbour popular with people of all ages, who watch the fishermen at work.
Lake Myvatn is an area in Iceland with natural beauty pseudo-craters and explosive craters, extensive lava fields, bizarre lava rock formations and outdoor recreation possibilities - offering magnificent landscape together with rich animal and bird life. Lake Myvatn lodging will make more pleasant your stay in Iceland. can help you to have a comfortable vacation or business trip offering the best Iceland rentals.