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Ireland vacation rentals

Ireland offers some of the most authentic culture, amazing scenery, historical sites and fine city dining in the world. Ireland is the third largest island in Europe and is separated from Great Britain by the Irish Sea. The population of Ireland is over 6 million people, with 4.4 million living in the republic of Ireland which is the larger more southerly part of the island; the very north part is called Northern Ireland which is a part of Great Britain. Throughout the country you can find beautiful Ireland bed and breakfast accommodations and Ireland vacation home rentals.

Dublin is the capital of the Republic of Ireland and it’s a very popular tourist destination, the city itself is home to around half a million residents and over a million people lives in the Dublin urban area. The city is famed for its culture in literature, theater and the arts with many galleries and museums to visit. Dublin is also renowned for its nightlife and drinking culture, Guinness being the national drink, visitors can attend a whole host of bars, pubs and clubs. If architecture and sight seeing is more your thing, you could visit a number of the ancient castles in the area and some of the city’s most noticeable buildings, all within walking distance from many Dublin bed and breakfast accommodations.

Galway is another popular city, and its nickname ‘Ireland’s cultural heart’ certainly lives up to its reputation with numerous interesting buildings, museums, galleries and theaters. The Galway Harbour is also a place of interest. Visitors can indulge themselves in the numerous festivals, theater companies, musical organizations and two film organizations. Galway’s beauty is another distinct attraction and the transport infrastructure around the city is very simple. Tourists can stay at Galway bed and breakfast accommodations or Galway vacation home rentals so they are in close vicinity to the city itself and have more flexibility compared to staying in a hotel.

Its astonishing to realize how much culture Ireland possesses, it is no wonder that its such a popular tourist destination with people throughout the world including the UK itself, USA, Japan, Australia and China. Ireland bed and breakfast accommodations are set in beautiful scenery and its important to visit more than one city to see the vast amount of attractions the country has to offer tourists of all ages and interests.