Visiting Latvia? Read brief travel information about the country
Latvia is a small country on the Baltic Sea. Its history, traditions, beautiful forests and landscape are the best attractions drawing thousands of tourists looking for Latvia's hidden treasures.
The country is located on the eastern shore of Baltic Sea and borders Estonia in the north, Lithuania in the south, the Russian Federation in the east and Belarus in the southeast. Its terrain consists of fertile, low-lying plains, largely covered by forests and lakes.
Continental and temperate climate of Latvia reaches in summer 61°F (16°C). In winter the coldest moths are January and February with temperatures averaging 25°F (-4°C). May to September is the best time to visit this Baltic country.
Latvia is a multi ethnic state. Latvians form now 60% of the population, 28,5% are Russians. Citizens are mostly the members of Roman Catholic Church.
1 US Dollar = 0.51996 Latvian Lats
One the most beautiful Baltic cities is the capital of Latvia Riga. Apart from the fact it is a major tourist attraction with excellent air, train and road connections, the city assures very comfortable fitting any taste Riga rentals. Old Riga contains a remarkable variety of architectural styles, perhaps best epitomized by the Dome Cathedral. One of several interesting churches in the former Episcopal seat is St John's Church a former Dominican monastery built in the 14th century. Riga has several museums including the Historical Museum of Latvia dating 19th century, housed in the castle, and the Latvian Museum of Medicine, the state Art Gallery of Latvia, the Museum of Foreign Art, with Flemish masterpieces. The open-air Latvian Ethnographic Museum hosts all kind of buildings from all over the country.
Not far from Baltic capital you can visit Jurmala resort. Fresh pine forest-scented air, endless sandy beaches and sun is a particularly attractive holiday destination for all. Sigulda offers good downhill skiing in winter and a popular boating spot practiced in summer. Kurzeme, Latgale and Vidzeme regions are favorite with hikers.
Visiting Latvia you will appreciate its natural and cultural heritage. rentals guide will help you to find Latvia accommodation for a wonderful vacation or successful business trip.