Rent a Log House Tara in Kolasin

4 Bedrooms, 1 Bathrooms, 9 Sleeps
Villa - house

105 - 300* *EUR Per night


Montenegro - there is no place like mountains

While you may think that Montenegro is still an inseparable part of Serbia, it is not correct. Certainly, it was once, but now all they share is a similar geographical position and conditions. Montenegro is an independent and sovereign country these days, and it has to offer a lot of magnificent attractions both for local and international travellers. The name of it is translated as ‘Black Mountain’, since its territory is overwhelmed with mountains. This country is successfully on its way to become a member of the European Union, though the economy is still in developing state. Tourism is one of the greatest components of the current and future economic growth, and a lot of expenditures and investments are aimed to maximize its potential. There is a certain amount of Montenegro apartments available to make your stay absolutely comfortable and enjoyable.
You may be an experienced traveller or just looking for the best destination for your first journey, but it is well worth to read our brief advices on travelling Montenegro before approving a final plan.
Generally there are two main periods in Montenegro tourism determined by the amount of sun and snow – summer means coastal tourism, and winter defines recreational and ski holidays. But with such an abundance of nature and cultural heritage left by numerous epochs of the history of the country there is simply no way to spend all of your time lying on the beach or climbing the crests. Nearly anything you may wish for can be found in Montenegro. Inland lakes and rivers, 73 kilometers of beach and pleasant Adriatic Sea, breathtaking mountains and deep canyons – make the most of it in one day or stretch your excitement for the whole vacation. And the historic monuments scattered throughout the country will inevitably draw your attention. The best sights to see are the Ostrog Monastery above the Bjelopavlic valley, the Bay of Kotor, the Mountain of Lovcen, Skadarsko jezero – the Skadar Lake, Durmitor National park, the Tara River and many others.
The place of indescribable beauty and exquisite nature is mountain Durmitor, which was proclaimed a National Park in 1952. It stretches from the mountain massive of Durmitor along with the canyons of the rivers Tara, Susica and Draga to the canyon valley of the river Komarnica. There you can come across evergreen forests, as well as glacier lakes and daunting peaks. Tara River canyon is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world. A town of Zabjak is in the center of this mountain range, and it is the highest town in the Balkans, located at the altitude of 1456 meters. It is the best place to visit in winter.
The city of Budva is one of the most important centers of tourism. This is partly due to the availability of marvelous beaches and on the other hand because of its rich national heritage and cultural memorials. The narrow streets and squares of the Old City are a home to many great churches and monasteries, such as the Churches of Sv. Ivan and Sv. Bogorodica and Stanjevici, Podostrog, Rezevici and Gradiste monasteries. You can enjoy approximately 182 days of warm sun on Budva beaches, leading of which are Mogren, Ricardova glava (Richard’s head), Pizana and some others. The high cultural level of Budva is a result of the influence and mixture of diverse cultures from neighboring nations. To enrich yourself with the experience of the authentic legacy of the city you should stay in Budva vacation rentals, where hospitality and ease combine with natural Montenegrin mentality.
There are nearly not enough words to describe all the attractions of this wonderful land. Montenegro is delightful in any time of the year, no matter what your tastes and budget are.