Oslo city centre room for rent

1 Bedrooms, 1 Bathrooms, 3 Sleeps
B&B - inn

60 - 80* *EUR Per night


There are many reasons to visit Norway. The main draw of the country is breathtaking fjords in the southwest, Jostedalsbreen- Europe's largest glacier. Everybody can practice an outdoor activity fitting its tastes: skiing, hunting, fishing and rock-climbing.
The Nordic country Norway occupies the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula. It shares the borders with Russia, Finland and Sweden. Norway's extensive rugged coast along the North Atlantic Ocean is home to famous fiords. The greatest part of the country is dominated by mountainous high terrain.
Norway faces a temperate climate despite its northerly location. Gulf Stream is contributing considerably to its warming. At high altitudes in winter the weather is snowy with strong winds and severe frosts. During the summer the temperatures can reach 86°F (30°C). Costal areas have comparatively milder climate.
Norway isn't varied from ethical point of view consisting mostly of native Norwegians, a North Germanic people. Small minorities in the north are Sami, Romani and Kven.
88% of the population belong to state Church of Norway.
The official currency of Norway is Norwegian Krone. 1 USD = 5,99 NOK
Norway fascinates you with the North Cape's midnight sun that rises above the Arctic Circle. Each of three main cities has its appeal Oslo is the cosmopolitan capital of the country, Bergen major trading port and Trondheim a centre of Christian pilgrimage.
Hordaland rentals are the best way to explore Norway natural welfare. You can stay in rural communities widely known for their beauty string along the fjord, with the fruit-growing districts of Ulvik, Ullensvang and Voss. The latest is located between the Hardanger fjord and the Sognefjord, forming a natural starting point for fjord trips. It welcomes the tourists along the summer offering outdoor activities like rafting, riding, angling, mountain hiking, cycling, kayak trips, golf, and parasailing.
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