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Castles and dreams - it is all Poland

Despite being in the socialistic camp for a long time, Poland is now a wealthy member of the European Union and a beautiful country by itself. All those little villages residing alongside the freeway have a unique look and atmosphere. The level of life in Poland has been steadily increasing since obtaining independence, and nowadays it is not only a great state to live in but also a popular tourist destination. The rich history of Poland left behind plenty of sights, cultural heritage of which is of great value to the nation and an excellent attraction for visitors. If you are intrigued by a Polish vacation then our Poland accommodation section is for you.
But before you start off exploring centuries-aged castles and medieval cities, here is some information to help you feel more confident in your journey.
As it was already said, there is a large multiplicity of castles in Poland. Actually the number of castles is about 500, and almost each of them offers a good portion of attraction and entertainment. The most significant one is Malbork castle. Built by the Teutonic Order, it is the largest brick castle in the world and one of the most imposing in Europe. Nowadays its rooms display Teutonic life in the times of Order existence. Every year “Siege of the Malbork Castle” occurs, which is a great festival with a lot of activities and performances.
Though ‘Poland’ means ‘land of fields’, and there are many plains as well, the southern region of the country is a home to the gorgeous Tatras Mountains. Travelers who seek action and adventure are welcome. The others shouldn’t miss it too, as it is a striking sight, and you will be astonished without even having to climb it. The perfect place to start exploring the mountains is the town of Zakopane, situated in a lovely valley. There are Zakopane vacation rentals on our website too, make sure you will check them after reading. The Tatras are the part of the Carpathian Mountains, which are a 1500 km range throughout Eastern and Central Europe.
The capital and the largest city of Poland is Warsaw. It stands on the banks of Vistula River. The city suffered great damage during World War II, but was completely rebuilt. The Old Town forms an outstanding contrast with a modern part of Warsaw, and over 80 parks of the city are a wonderful place to take a stroll in summer. A hefty multitude of sights and attractions pervade the Polish capital, and it is up to you to see most of them, if not all. With our Warsaw vacation rentals it has become more than possible.
A complicated way of the state of Poland throughout medieval and modern history led to a formation of a prospering republic. Being the fourteenth most visited country by the foreigners, it is sure to make you awe with admiration and delight.