Visiting Russia? Read brief travel information about the country
Russia is an overwhelming country with its awesome cities Moscow and St. Petersburg and their architectural heritage, huge and remote expanses such as Siberia, filled with ancient forests and the world's deepest lake.
The Russian Federation stretches a great part of the northern continent Eurasia. Most of the land consists of vast plains. Mountain ranges are found along the southern borders as Caucasus, Altai and Ural that makes the border between European Russia and Siberia (Asia). Russia has an extensive coastline along the Arctic and Pacific Oceans as well as Baltic, Black and Caspian seas.
Covering almost the whole continent Russia experiences different types of climates from subtropical in the south with temperatures ranging +8°C (46°F) to arctic climate in Siberia.
The Russian Federation is a country hosting as many as 160 different ethnic groups and indigenous peoples. 79,8% of the whole population are ethnically Russian, 3,8% Tatar, 2% Ukrainian and others. Orthodox religion predominates in the country followed by Islam.
The official currency in the Russian Federation is Ruble. 1 USD = 25,24 RUB
Going to the heart of Russia? Then Moscow will be on your way. It is the capital of largest country in the world featured by Red Square, the exquisite and colorful domes of Saint Basil's Cathedral, Fabergé Easter eggs of the Tsars. The city provides numerous opportunities for entertainment: theaters, the renowned Moscow Circus, museums and art galleries. Moscow was declared recently the most expensive city in the world. Rent Moscow accommodation listed on directly from owners and save.
The cultural capital of the Russian Federation - Saint Petersburg - is embellished by elegant palaces, arched bridges, winding canals, impressive squares, wide boulevards, and ornate churches. Its famous White nights are the dreamy twilight taking place during the night. This phenomenon is due to northerly latitude of the city when the sun never dips far enough below the horizon to create total darkness accompanied by with music festivals and cultural events. Wanting to spend you vacation or business trip among rich aristocratic palaces and government buildings, majestic cathedrals and elaborate churches? Saint Petersburg rentals will fit perfectly your requirements. makes it easy to find the best Russia accommodation for your holiday. Inquire about Moscow rentals or St. Petersburg lodgings directly from owners and save.