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Serbia - a sway of charm and hospitality

The purity and naturalness of Serbia is what makes this corner of Europe so outstanding and unique. This is where you can meet hospitable and kind people, taste wonderful cuisine, marvel at the majesty of the mountains and explore vast forests. The country which witnessed a democratic revolution second after France is now a developing European state, which steadily makes its path towards the full-scale participation in the community of Europe. It has been a part of several countries and unions during its long history, and the most recent change was the separation of Montenegro in 2006. Nevertheless it is a charming country and an attractive place to visit since it has preserved its originality and genuineness. As for tourism opportunities, first of all you can check our section for houses in Serbia.
Right after that we suggest you to read some travel information about wonderful Serbia. Though it is a welcoming country, some customs and interesting places may still remain a surprise.
Being very warm towards foreigners, Serbian people show their friendliness and generosity in a number of ways. Usual greeting is a handshake, no matter which gender is the person you meet. But if you wish to show a bigger affection, then it would be normal to kiss three times on the cheeks when seeing. Certainly, it is not mandatory to deliver all the three kisses each time, one or two and a good hug is also enough. A typical Serbian host would never allow a guest to pay a bill for food and drinks, because it is a common practice to handle the expenses while a person stays. And finally you can have a night out on any day you wish, if you don’t have any urgent matters the other day, of course. You are limited neither by your taste, nor by your budget. Moreover, it all doesn’t end when early morning comes, as you can join any company in search of some freshly grilled meat or burek – baked or fried filled pastries.
The diverse geography of Serbia is one of its main attractions. Numerous nature sites, caves, rivers, lakes and national parks are the pearls of Serbia. Seven caves are proper to visit by tourists, but no entry is allowed without an expert guide and speleological equipment. Among them are Resavska, Zlotske Pećine, Bogovinska and several others. The lakes present a perfect place for relaxation and fishing. Mainly attractive are such of them as Srebrno Jezero, Belocrkvanska Jezera and a couple more. As in any country, national parks of Serbia are valuable preserves of its natural treasures. There are five of them: Đerdap, Fruška Gora, Kopaonik, Šar-planina and Tara. They are all administered and maintained by different public companies.
Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is a fantastic city, which is full of visitors in any time of the year. Great variety of tourist attractions forms an unrepeatable image of the city that combines old Slavic traditions and modern European tendencies. A lot of monuments, cafes, restaurants, museums, shops are situated on the both banks of the Danube River. You can see the whole city from the hilltop of the Avala Monument. The main of the sights are Skadarlija, the National Museum and adjacent National Theatre, Zemun, the Kalemegdan Fortress, Knez Mihailova Street, the Parliament and many others. Surely, a lot of time is required to enjoy Belgrade at its best, so it is worth to take advantage of some of Belgrade vacation rentals.
Serbia is one of the most authentic and self-contained European countries. Its rich history and easygoing mentality of the people are the things that make it openhearted towards all the guests.