Villa Principe Leopoldo

75 Bedrooms, 75 Bathrooms, 15 Sleeps
Villa - house

320 - 1,950* *USD Per night


Switzerland ...
Switzerland is a draw for its alpine landscape where has developed the mix of Italian, German and French cultures.
It is a landlocked country in the heart of Europe. Switzerland is bordered by France to the west, Germany to the north, Austria to the east and Italy to the south. Green pastures stretch among waterfalls, lakes and the highest mountains in Europe.
Switzerland welcomes its visitors along the year. Its climate generally temperate has no extremes of hot and cold. Summer tends to be warm and humid at times with periodic rain, lasting from about June to September. The winters in the mountains alternate with sun and snow offering the best time for outdoor activity like skiing, while the lower lands tend to be more cloudy and foggy in winter.
Switzerland is situated at the crossroads of several major European cultures that had a certain impact over the country. 21% of the population is at present resident foreigners or temporary foreign workers. Christianity predominates in the country, divided between the catholic Church 41,8% of the population and different Protestant denominations 40%.
The official currency in Switzerland is Swiss franc. 1 US Dollar = 1.22971 Swiss Franc
Bern is close to everywhere. The capital of Switzerland is a good starting point for any excursion aiming this country exploring. But first of all one should acknowledge with this city. A tribute to the great scientist achievements is Einstein house restored by Albert Einstein society and open to the site of public. Collections of drawings, photos, prints are gathered in Museum of Fine Arts Berne. You have the occasion to learn more about Alpine diversity, historical and contemporary background in Swiss Alpine Museum. Besides numerous interesting sites you can benefit of comfortable Bern lodging, listed on
Zürich is an excellent hub to enjoy leisure activities. It is an absolutely charming place to visit offering splendid views to Alps. The Old Town of Zurich hosts historic buildings and boutiques. World level stars come in Zürich to perform on the stages of the Opera House and Tonhalle concert hall. Zürich is a trend setting city with modern rentals for all tastes and pockets.
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