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Visiting Ukraine? Read brief travel information about the country
The people's 'Orange Revolution' undoubtedly raised Ukraine's profile abroad and the country is beginning to find its place on the tourist map, besides this Ukraine captures the attention of many visitors with its lovely sites, decadent flavour, unique smells and traditional sounds.
Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe bordering with the Russian Federation to the north east, Belarus to the north, Hungary and Slovak Republic to the west, Moldova and Romania to the southwest. The terrain varies from mountains in the west, plains in the centre and Black Sea shores to the south. Beautiful lush forests cover Ukraine in the north. Its other two main features are the treeless steppe and wooded steppe with beech and oak forests. The biggest river crossing the country and flowing into the Black Sea is River Dnieper.
Ukraine experiences temperate continental climate on the inland and Mediterranean on the coast. The temperatures range at 17-35°F (-8 to 2°C) in winter and 64-81° F (18-27°C) in summer. Precipitations are disproportional distributed being heavier in the west.
Ethnic groups in Ukraine consist of 77,8% of Ukrainians, 17,3% Russians, Belorussians 0,6% and others. The dominant religion shared by the majority is Eastern Orthodox Christianity, split currently between Moscow, Kiev and Ukrainian Autocephalous Church.
The official currency in the country is Hryvnia. 1 US Dollar = 8.12110 Ukraine Hryvnia
The capital of Ukraine stretches on the both banks of Dnieper River boosting successfully old and new. Kiev has something for all tastes Golden gate, Historical Museum of Ukraine, Cathedral of St. Vladimir, Museum of Ukrainian Art and Andreyev Hill, Opera House. Modern buildings nestle near historic gems and cultural wonders surrounded by trendy nightclubs, bars and restaurants. Kiev accommodation fitting your requirementscan be easily found and can be listed free of charge on
Lviv is a charming city in Western Ukraine, rich in history and culture that isn't discovered yet by tourists. Visitors can explore here great Ukrainian attractions including the National Museum, Antique Armoury, Pharmaceutical Museum and Museum of Ethnographic and Crafts. Comfortable stay will assure your Lviv lodgings, rented on
Choosing to rent Odessa accommodation you will discover a city boosted by Potemkin stairway with its 192 steps, a statue of the Duke of Richelieu, the Archaeological Museum and the Vorontsov Palace.
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