Sau Bay Fiji Retreat - secluded and pristine

1 Bedrooms, 1 Bathrooms, 3 Sleeps
B&B - inn

200 - 400* *USD Per night


Visiting Fiji? Read brief travel information about the country.
Fiji is a place of tranquility and extreme beauty. It waits to be discovered. 330 islands each fringed with coral reefs, lapped by warm azure waters and packed with unique attractions can be found in the South Pacific Ocean. The mountainous islands with peaks up to 1,300 meters are covered with tropical forests. Its climate makes it a good destination all year around being a popular escape during winters from both hemispheres. Average registered temperatures are about 25°C. Anyway the best time for a vacation to Fiji is from May to October when the weather is cooler, less rainfalls and lower risk of cyclones.
The population is mostly made up of native Fijians. It is a home also for Chinese, Indian, Rotuman and other cultures being a melting pot of exotic and marvel customs. Christian religion followers are 53% from the population, 38% Hindus, 8% Muslims and 1% Sikhs.
1 US $ is equal to 1,6 Fijian dollars. You wouldn’t go wrong with the cash though tour also travel agents accept credit cards.
Viti Levu one of the major islands hosts three quarters of the population. Suva chosen in 1882 capital city is located on its south east coast. You can enjoy shopping for art and crafts. Among nightlife activities are going to movies, hitting the bars and discos.
Life on Fiji Islands has changed very little for centuries being untouched by outside world. It is still possible to discover virgin grasslands and tropical forests. Kula Eco Park is Fiji’s only wildlife park for endangered species from this region. Visitors can observe parrots, lories, fruit bats, iguana, snakes and marine life.
Cigar shaped Taveuni lies across one of the most attractive scuba diving spots. There are a few accommodation offers in Taveuni on our website.
All plants and animals indigenous to Fiji are preserved also on this island. Ravilevu Nature and Taveuni Forest Preserves were designed for unique creatures protection. The Lake Tagimaucia is the most famous site the home of the flower with the same name. Bouma Falls are among the finest and most accessible Fiji’s waterfalls. Accommodation can be found on the north-eastern part facing two small islands. Different offers from cottages to bed and breakfast inns you can rent in order to experience real Fiji with its natural beauty and a blend of diverse cultures.