France holiday rentals

Vive la France! France is consistently one of the most visited countries in world in terms of tourism, around 80 million people per year vacation in the western European country. Tourism is accountable for 6% of the whole country’s income. Its stunning mountainous regions, cultural cities and Mediterranean seaside towns make France an exceedingly popular tourist destination which has it all. France has a residential population of over 64 million people spanning over 674 thousand square kilometers.

Paris is France’s capital city and most visited area. France has so much to offer in terms of culture, architecture and tourists attractions. The Eiffel Tower is a particular highlight where people can climb to the top and get a first hand panoramic view of the whole city and its surrounding landscapes. Cultural attractions include the Louvre which has a whole host of world famous arts and crafts, the instantly recognizable Arc de Triomphe and the stunning architectural beauty of the Cathedral of Notre-Dam. Also, for the children there is of course Disneyland Paris which has a whole host of rides and fun-filled attractions. It is impossible to not find something to do or visit in Paris, and by night there are numerous classy establishments and fine eateries one can indulge themselves. City center Paris apartment rentals are in high demand and can be very costly, but you get a lot for your money in this fantastic city. Paris bed and breakfast accommodations are also available throughout and can offer the same cosy service as some of the more expensive and extravagant hotels. If you are looking for somewhere really cheap to sleep here is a good list of cheap accommodation in Paris.

There are other areas of France which enjoys an influx of tourism every year. The Alps attract many skiers to french winter resorts such as Cote d’Azur. And the south of France which enjoys the benefits of the Mediterranean whether in beautiful areas such as Cannes. Cannes villa rentals are very popular, especially with people who want to enjoy the culture and beauty of the French Riviera and of course when it hosts the rich and famous for the well known Cannes Film Festival.

France can accommodate for people of all ages and backgrounds through its modern and traditional cities, cultural and architectural attractions, ski resorts, beach resorts and general activity holidays. There is no wonder that France attracts millions upon millions of people each year, many of these are repeat vacationers who can’t get enough of this country’s charm and beauty.