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Luxury apartment in Tehran for Short term rental

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Iran - eastern splendor and amiability with a centuries-old history

One of the most mysterious and ancient countries in Asia and in the world is Iran. The people of Iran are one of the oldest continuous major civilizations. And as you have already known for sure, Iran is a cradle of poetry and science, which gave the modern world a good deal of existing knowledge. The history of this territory is tremendous; it conquered other kingdoms and was conquered by stronger foes, has gone the way from prehistoric empires to an Islamic republic. The historical name of Iran is Persia, so when you hear that, don’t get confused, because now you know where it is. And if you notice the Iran accommodation section of our website, you will also know how many opportunities are there to find a nice place to stay.
While you shouldn’t encounter any problems when visiting Iran, we still provided some useful tips for you to maximize the pleasure from your vacation.
You may think that Iran is very unfriendly towards foreign visitors, especially Americans, but that is one of the biggest mistakes. People are very forthcoming and genuinely interested in your country and experience. A crime rate is quite low in Iran, but you must not be careless. Just use your common sense and be attentive and everything will be fine. The only thing that is recommended to avoid is talk on politics. And always check if the place you are about to photograph allows doing that, as it can be a strategic or military object, and violating the rules can lead to undesirable consequences.
One of the most popular attractions of Iran is its Caspian coastline. Very admired among the locals and the tourists, it is always full of people. It lays just about four-hour drive from Tehran, and you can witness a lot of beautiful places on your way to the Caspian Sea, such as green forests, paddy fields, orchards and the ruins of the old Mongol castles in the mountains, which are now ruled by bears and tigers. The tropical climate and wonderful beaches make the three coastal provinces of Iran a great location for your holiday. And you can also check our Mazandaran vacation rentals to find an accommodation close to the sea.
Tehran, the capital of Iran, deserves at least couple of days of your stay. It has more than 800 parks, and all of them are in a well-conditioned state. The city is almost a mile high above the sea level, which makes it cooler than the other cities of the region. Of course, the history left a lot of its possessions in Tehran, and the most prominent of them can be seen in the Treasury of the National Jewels, the National Museum of Iran, the Mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini and in a great number of other museums. The capital is full of landmarks, so make sure you have a nice guide or a good edition of any printed travel advisor.
There is simply an unimaginable amount of attractions in Iran, and one trip will definitely not be enough to comprehend them all. But the openness and sincerity of the natives will convince you to come again!