Nanaim Lodge

2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathrooms, 6 Sleeps
Cottage - cabin

105 - 195* *USD Per night


Israel - a fascinating, remarkable and controversial country
Israel is a fascinating, remarkable and controversial country, regarded by many as a Holy Land. This country has a lot of vacation sites that offer a variety of leisure and sports activities.
Israel is located in the Middle East on the south eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. It shares the borders with Egypt to the south west, Syria and Jordan on the east and Lebanon on the north. Negev Desert and Eilat resort town on the Red Sea stretch along the southern part of the country. A range of hills and uplands with fertile valleys lie in the west and arid desert to the east. The coastal landscape is a fertile plain. The lowest point of the Dead Sea is continuation of The Greta Rift valley into the Red Sea and Eastern Africa.
Due to varied terrain the climate depends on altitude. Generally it has short, wet winters and long dry summers. The northern mountains experience cold, snowy and wet weather as well as Jerusalem for several years. Mediterranean climate is characteristic to costal regions in cities like Haifa, Tel Aviv where are hot dry summers and cool, rainy winters.
1 US Dollar = 4.22577 Israeli New Shekel
The most revered city in the world is Jerusalem. It offers a great range of attractions ranging from religious emblems and relics of antiquity to modern items of interest. The sites have mostly religious aspect the Tomb of Judges, the Tomb of David, the tours starting in Western Jerusalem and including Mount Zion, the Way of the Cross. The tourists can benefit of a full range of services and facilities choosing Jerusalem rentals that include also restaurants and swimming pools.
Those who come to Israel to enjoy the sun and the beach should visit Eilat, an ideal place for vacationers offering them a sunny weather all year round. The level of Eilat accommodation varies from simple wooden cabins to luxurious isolated guesthouses with breathtaking view.
Haifa doesn't enjoy any major destination but it is worth seeing on your way to Jerusalem or other city.
Eager to luxuriate in alternative treatments, back in saunas and whirlpools or hike on rugged hiking trails, attend classical music and dance concerts then visit the Holy Land. makes it easy to find the best Israel vacation rentals for your holiday. Inquire Israel accommodation directly from owners and save.