Netherlands Antilles vacation rentals

The Netherlands Antilles is part of the Lesser Antilles and consists of two groups of Islands which include Curaco and Bonaire located off the Venezuelan coast, Saint Eustatius, Saba and Sint Maarten located south east of the Virgin Islands. The group are independent from the Netherlands and handle their own local affairs, but the Netherlands are still responsible for their defense.

All of the islands in the Netherlands Antilles depend heavily on tourism and provide the dream holiday for visitors to ensure they come back and spend their money again. On the islands tourists can enjoy crystal clear shorelines and perfect sunbathing beaches also perfect for water sports such as scuba diving and snorkeling. The ideal accommodation would be a Netherlands Antilles beach villa a stone’s throw away from the waters.

Popular destinations in the Netherlands Antilles include Philipsburg which is the main town on the Dutch side of St. Martin or otherwise known as Sint Maarten. Visitors can enjoy cultural and authentic ways of life, a large shopping district and beautiful nearby beaches. The large port is also an important point of interest for visitors. Staying in the area is pleasure thanks to some comfortable Philipsburg villa accommodations and vacation home rentals.

Another island of interest is Bonaire; the beautiful island is located near Aruba. The island is famous for its excellent scuba diving locations where experienced and beginner divers can enjoy the coral reef which rings around the whole island, the whole area is teeming with under water wildlife waiting to be explored. Staying at a local Bonaire beach villa will give you a fantastic opportunity to relax in close proximity to the stunning beaches and awe inspiring scenery.

Saba is the smallest Island in the Netherlands Antilles, but it makes up for it with amazing volcanic and mountainous scenery. Visitors are laso invited to stay at some beautiful Saba bed and breakfast accommodations, holiday villa rentals and apartment rentals.

All of the Netherlands Antilles islands are very individual and unique which visitors can testify, although all are beautiful, relaxing and fun packed holidays which the whole family can enjoy whilst staying in a Netherlands Antilles vacation home rental in perfect locations to suite everybody’s needs.