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The United States of America
The USA is a vast country ready to be explored. Its terrain stretches the larger part of North America. It is washed on the coasts by two oceans the Atlantic and Pacific and in the north by Arctic Ocean. The USA shares its borders with Canada to the north and Mexico to the south the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. The state of Alaska occupying the northwest corner of the continent is separated by Canada and Hawaii that lie in the Central Pacific Ocean. The eastern USA is covered mostly by grasslands that change to prairies, forests, the Rocky Mountains in the west and deserts to the southwest.
Nearly every type of climate is represented on this vast area. It can be classified in the following way: temperate climate is present in most areas, tropical in Southern Florida and Hawaii, arid in the Great Basin, semiarid in Greta plains, desert in southwest, Mediterranean in Coastal California. Gulf of Mexico faces frequently hurricanes and most of the world's tornadoes.
The USA is a multiethnic country. 74,67% of the population claimed there are white, followed by 14,5% Hispanic or Latino, 12,12% African American and others. Christianity is predominant religion with 76,7% of believers out of the whole number of the inhabitants.
The USA attracts many tourists ready to explore its wilderness, forest, mountains, canyons and coastlines. There are offered numerous outdoor activities like rafting through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River, fishing on the Great Lakes, good destinations for skiing are the Rocky Mountains, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Wyoming; sailing, diving and snorkeling that are particularly good in California, Florida, Hawaii and along the East Coast; trekking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
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