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Visiting Scotland? Read brief travel information about the country.
Sheer range of attractions and activities packed into a small and accessible country makes Scotland a popular tourist destination. Begin exploring a country with turbulent past, spectacular scenery, amazing people, rich cultural patrimony and many other features that will give you a lifetime experience.
Scotland is one of four constituent nations which form the United Kingdom. It occupies the Northern part of the island of Great Britain. Scotland boosts its beautiful mountainous scenery. A great part of the country is intersected by Sea Lochs, the longest of which is Loch Fyne. In spite of its northerly latitude, Scotland has an astonishing range of micro climates. They allow a large variety of flowering plants thriving in every corner of the country.
The temperate and oceanic climate of Scotland tends to be quite changeable. The east coast is featured by cool and dry weather with mild winters. The west coast is wormer and wetter with temperatures reaching in summer 19°C (66°F). The best time to visit Scotland is during July- August the warmest months and in May- June the driest period.
The Church of Scotland is the national church with 12% of population membership while 42% claim some form of allegiance to it. The national currency is pound sterling. US $1= 0, 51 GBP
Picturesque walking trails are provided by Pentland Hills in the south. In the north you discover old architecture of castles.
Even today passing through history the Highlands area of Scotland remains a natural wonderland. It is made for exploring and offers you spectacular paths on Cairngorm Mountains. You can take a glimpse of Loch Ness and its creature.
Explore the First of Forth Tay and enjoy seascapes views by touring Fife region. Those who like old architecture can visit St. Andrew. There is a castle and ruined cathedral, miles of beach, good shopping and a botanic garden. Marvel at the skills of glass blowing, work up an appetite with the smell of traditional Scottish delicacies being made or watch glassmakers engrave fabulous pieces of crystal ware in Perthshire. If you are looking for mystery and poetry then the historic hills and valleys of the Scottish Borders are just for you. We have many accommodation possibilities listed in Scotland, like vacation homes in Lochearnhead, Central Scotland, bed and breakfasts in Edinburgh etc. If you are looking for somewhere really cheap to sleep here is a good list of Edinburgh cheap hotels.