About us

Founded in 2003, Gulivers is a website that manages vacation rentals, facilitating the process of communication between vacation rental owners, property managers and their potential clients through a booking online system. Gulivers offers a vast selection of vacation homes, which nowadays are the best choice for travellers who wish to invest their money in discovering new places, without having to deal with expensive hotel accommodations costs. 

The managers of this web site have been managing vacation rentals (houses and apartments) for several years. We've used web listings of our properties to generate tens of thousands of dollars of rental income for very little in listing fees. We list properties on our website free of charge. On Gulivers, clients contact owners and property managers directly, we are not a travel agency and do not charge any commissions. We do not pretend we can sell vacation rentals as the owner, they know much more about their property and area surrounding it. Our goal is to provide you with professional, courteous service and tools while 
achieving the highest level of visitors to view your vacation rental listing and get in touch with you about a possible stay. Register and add your property here
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