What is a vacation rental?
Renting a vacation rental is having a home away from home. It can be a private home, condo, villa, or cabin that includes a kitchen and all of the amenities you would expect to find at home.
Does Gulivers own or rent properties directly?
No. Gulivers is a place where vacation rental owners/managers advertise their vacation rentals and potential renters find a suitable vacation rental property. To rent a property, you contact the owners/managers directly using the Inquiry Form provided.
How do I contact vacation rental Owners/Managers?
Owners/Managers can be contacted by phone and/or fax numbers provided with each vacation rental listing or by filling out the Inquiry Form.
How do I book a vacation rental?
To book your vacation rental you need to contact the owner directly by phone or by filling out the Inquiry Form. Check the availability of the rental through the calendar tab on the listing. If the calendar is not updated, you will need to contact the owner for availability for your desired dates.
What if there is a problem with my vacation rental?
You will need to address any issues that may come up with the owner directly. We suggest you contact the owner as soon as a problem arises during your stay. Don’t wait till afterwards. Be sure to have a phone number to contact the owner in case you have a household emergency.
How do I handle payments?
Payments are made directly to the vacation rental owner/manager. Since each vacation rental is individually owned and operated, the payment methods and schedules may vary. Payments are usually made via personal checks, credit cards or PayPal. We recommend that you ask the owner/manager about their cancellation policies before you send any money (even the deposit). It is best to have these policies in writing. Payments made using a wire transfer, money order or personal check typically cannot be recovered in the event that your accommodation is not supplied as promised so extra caution is recommended.
What currency are prices shown in? What currency can I pay in?
Prices on the individual listings are shown in the currency of the property owner's/manager's choice as indicated on the listing. You should confirm the final price and currency of the payment with the vacation rental owner/manager.
How much does listing my property on Gulivers.com cost?
You can list your property absolutely FREE of charge, however there are paid services you can use, like: top listing, featured property, add up to 25 photos to this listing, activate link without backlinking, link to your website.
How long does my advertisement run for?
Properties advertised on Gulivers.com are listed on our website as long as you want to keep them. If you sell your property you can pass your account details to the new owner. If it's no longer rented after sale you can delete the listing from our website.
How do potential renters contact me?
Renters contact you directly by e-mail, phone or fax.
Do you take commissions?
No, you do not pay us any commissions.
I just added a new property, when will it be posted?
It takes about 2 business days for a new property to be posted. You will receive an e-mail notification when the property is online.
I want to remove my advertisement.
You can remove your advertisement at any time. All you need to do is login on our website and delete your property listing.
What is My Dashboard?
My Dashboard is the area where you can update your personal and property information.
How do I update my property information?
Click on "Listings" on the Dashboard to update your property information.
How do I update my e-mail address?
You may update your e-mail in the Profile area on your Dashboard.
I forgot my password.
If you have forgotten your password, click here to have your password emailed to you.
How do I login?
You login with your ID and password. Click here to login.
Why do I need a login email address and password?
You need a login/user name and password to be able to make changes to your property listing(s), personal information and to submit photos. You may change your email address at anytime, by clicking the "Profile" link on the Dashboard and updating your information, email and password. Don't forget to press the "Submit" button to submit your changes.
How to get more inquiries
-Write about surrounding places, restaurants and things to do regarding your property. A good description appeals not only to renters, but to search engines as well. -Keep your rates relative to other properties rented in your area. -Photos, photos and more photos. Keep your photos updated and show exterior, interior, kitchen, bedroom shots. Potential renters want to know what they are renting. -Keep your availability calendar updated.
Do you submit my property to search engines?
Yes, we submit your property to the most popular search engines on the web. And we do recommend, if you want to submit your property listing to multiple search engines, please feel free to do so.